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Business Disputes / Commercial Litigation

Spencer Scott has a combined 59 years of litigating business contract disputes, business torts/interference with contract, theft of trade secrets, shareholder/partner disputes, joint venture/partnership claims, dissolution of business entities, real property transactions, fraud and other commercial litigation.

Many small businesses have disputes with customers, business partners, suppliers or employees.  We can help you understand your rights and your best arguments.  We can also give you a good idea of the claims and defenses of the other parties to the dispute.  And, of course, we can negotiate or litigate for you.

Spencer Scott is the go-to small firm for big problems.  When high net worth individuals, as well as small to large companies, face complex business litigation and legal challenges, they turn to Spencer Scott for advice and representation.  Named a SuperLawyer (Thompson Reuters) for the past 7 years, Jennifer Spencer has handled high-profile litigation involving numerous business disputes.  Her accounting/CPA background enables her to understand your business needs and objectives.  A former partner at Fulbright & Jaworski – one of the nation’s most prestigious firms – Ms. Spencer now provides her clients big firm skilled litigation at small firm rates or alternative fee structures.  Mary Scott, with twenty-four years of experience primarily with Baker Botts LLP, also provides Spencer Scott clients with top-tier experience.  The Spencer Scott team will personally handle all phases of litigation, including discovery, pre-trial motions, negotiations, arbitrations, mediations, trials and appeals.  Read our bios here.

What are business disputes?

A business dispute can occur in a variety of ways.  Often a dispute arises when businesses or individuals disagree over the terms of a contract they have entered into or when one party has failed to comply with the contract.  A business dispute may arise when a company believes a former employee or a competitor has taken confidential information or trade secrets.  Business disputes arise over property disputes or billing issues, or in many other ways.  There are also numerous shareholder or partner disputes, including those arising over minority shareholder oppression, deadlocks among decision makers, disputes over dividends and distributions, disputes over compensation packages for executives or dissolutions of partnerships.

What should I do if my business has a dispute with another business?

If you have a contract with the other business or individual, you should first review the contract or ask a lawyer to review the contract for you.  The contract is likely the single most important document in resolving business disputes.  An attorney will help you understand your rights and obligations under the contract.  An attorney can negotiate with the other business to see if the dispute can be resolved without litigation.  An attorney can also represent you in the event of litigation.  Spencer Scott will review your contract and provide counseling on a fixed fee or hourly basis.

Where will my business dispute be decided?

The contract may have a clause containing the procedures that are required in the event of a dispute.  There may be a provision requiring that notice be given to the other contracting party of your contention that there has been a breach.  There may be a “cure” provision, allowing the other side a certain period of time to correct – or “cure” – the default.  There may also be a provision requiring mediation prior to filing a lawsuit.  And there may be a provision requiring that the dispute be decided in arbitration, where the two disputing parties will submit their issues to an arbitrator.  If your contract does not require arbitration then the dispute will be decided in the court system.

What types of contract disputes are there?

There are contracts for every type of transaction imaginable.  Spencer Scott attorneys have litigated a broad variety of contracts, including several unique contracts.  These include:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Construction agreements
  • Joint development agreements
  • Purchase/ Sale of goods
  • Royalty agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Insurance contracts involving bad faith or non-payment of claims
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Medical billing
  • Purchase agreements for real estate
  • Services agreements
  • Inventions agreements
  • Leases of all types
  • Technology agreements

Spencer Scott represents companies and individuals on both sides of contract dispute.  We assist those who are seeking to enforce a contract and those who have been accused of breach of contract.

Spencer Scott is an alternative to the traditional big law firm.

Jennifer Spencer and Mary Scott litigated for a combined 40 years at large international firms.  They learned that small law firms can often more effectively and efficiently handle many cases than can an army of lawyers, many of whom bill time to cases without the client knowing or approving the work done.  Many such lawyers have never actually tried a case in front of a jury or judge.  Not so at Spencer Scott.  Jennifer Spencer and Mary Scott have personally handled all phases of litigation in hundreds of matters, including large scale discovery, pre-trial motions, arbitrations, mediations, trials and appeals.  They have opposed – and prevailed against – lawyers and law firms with top reputations and often immense size.  The key to our success is experience, preparation and clear communication with the client.

We work directly with our clients, often daily, and are available to our clients at all hours where necessary.  Difficult situations often arise outside a regular business day.  Spencer Scott lawyers will be available to provide counseling or handle crises when you need us.

Why choose Spencer Scott to represent you in your business dispute?

The lawyers at Spencer Scott began representing clients in 1987 and have handled high-profile litigation for a combined 59 years.  Spencer Scott was named a Tier 1 firm by U.S. News & World Report.  Jennifer Spencer has been named in The Best Lawyers in America© in Commercial Litigation in 2015 and 2016.  She has built her reputation handling business disputes of all kinds involving claims such as breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of fiduciary duty, quantum meruit, shareholder disputes, dissolution of business, non-compete, non-solicitation, failure to pay royalties, and many others.  Spencer Scott will consider alternative billing arrangements, including partial contingency.  To consult with Spencer Scott, email Jennifer Spencer at or call 214-458-5319.  You may also fill out the Contact Us form on this page.  You will receive a timely response.

See Jennifer Spencer’s blog on breach of contract by clicking here.




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